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EHR-Safe: Generating high-fidelity and privacy-preserving synthetic electronic health records

Differential privacy accounting by connecting the dots

Accelerating text generation with Confident Adaptive Language Modeling (CALM)

Who said what? Recorder's on-device solution for labeling speakers

RT-1: Robotics Transformer for real-world control at scale

Formation of robust bound states of interacting photons

Private Ads prediction with DP-SGD

Google at EMNLP 2022

Will You Find These Shortcuts?

Talking to Robots in Real Time

Making a Dual of a Traversable Wormhole with a Quantum Computer

Better Language Models Without Massive Compute

Google at NeurIPS 2022

Conversation Summaries in Google Chat

The Data Cards Playbook: A Toolkit for Transparency in Dataset Documentation

Mixture-of-Experts with Expert Choice Routing

Characterizing Emergent Phenomena in Large Language Models

Multi-layered Mapping of Brain Tissue via Segmentation Guided Contrastive Learning

ReAct: Synergizing Reasoning and Acting in Language Models

Infinite Nature: Generating 3D Flythroughs from Still Photos

Beyond Tabula Rasa: Reincarnating Reinforcement Learning

Robots That Write Their Own Code

Natural Language Assessment: A New Framework to Promote Education

Open Images V7 — Now Featuring Point Labels

Google at ECCV 2022

PI-ARS: Accelerating Evolution-Learned Visual-Locomotion with Predictive Information Representations

MUSIQ: Assessing Image Aesthetic and Technical Quality with Multi-scale Transformers

Do Modern ImageNet Classifiers Accurately Predict Perceptual Similarity?

Table Tennis: A Research Platform for Agile Robotics

UL2 20B: An Open Source Unified Language Learner

Crossmodal-3600 — Multilingual Reference Captions for Geographically Diverse Images

AudioLM: a Language Modeling Approach to Audio Generation

Large Motion Frame Interpolation

Quantization for Fast and Environmentally Sustainable Reinforcement Learning

TensorStore for High-Performance, Scalable Array Storage

View Synthesis with Transformers

FindIt: Generalized Object Localization with Natural Language Queries

Google at Interspeech 2022

Robust Online Allocation with Dual Mirror Descent

PaLI: Scaling Language-Image Learning in 100+ Languages

LOLNeRF: Learn from One Look

Learning to Walk in the Wild from Terrain Semantics

A Multi-Axis Approach for Vision Transformer and MLP Models

Digitizing Smell: Using Molecular Maps to Understand Odor

Announcing the Patent Phrase Similarity Dataset

High-Definition Segmentation in Google Meet

Using ML to Boost Engagement with a Maternal and Child Health Program in India

UVQ: Measuring YouTube's Perceptual Video Quality

OptFormer: Towards Universal Hyperparameter Optimization with Transformers

Towards Helpful Robots: Grounding Language in Robotic Affordances

Rax: Composable Learning-to-Rank Using JAX

Efficient Video-Text Learning with Iterative Co-tokenization

Introducing the Google Universal Image Embedding Challenge

Building Efficient Multiple Visual Domain Models with Multi-path Neural Architecture Search

Efficient Sequence Modeling for On-Device ML

Enhancing Backpropagation via Local Loss Optimization

Look and Talk: Natural Conversations with Google Assistant

ML-Enhanced Code Completion Improves Developer Productivity

Training Generalist Agents with Multi-Game Decision Transformers

Simplified Transfer Learning for Chest Radiography Model Development

Google at ICML 2022

Towards Reliability in Deep Learning Systems

Rewriting Image Captions for Visual Question Answering Data Creation

Revisiting Mask Transformer from a Clustering Perspective

​​Deep Hierarchical Planning from Pixels

Enabling Creative Expression with Concept Activation Vectors

MLGO: A Machine Learning Framework for Compiler Optimization

Identifying Disfluencies in Natural Speech

Minerva: Solving Quantitative Reasoning Problems with Language Models

Quantum Advantage in Learning from Experiments

Mapping Urban Trees Across North America with the Auto Arborist Dataset

Google at CVPR 2022

Scanned Objects by Google Research: A Dataset of 3D-Scanned Common Household Items

LIMoE: Learning Multiple Modalities with One Sparse Mixture-of-Experts Model

End-to-end Generative Pre-training for Multimodal Video Captioning

Deep Learning with Label Differential Privacy

Image-Text Pre-training with Contrastive Captioners

Vector-Quantized Image Modeling with Improved VQGAN

Contextual Rephrasing in Google Assistant

Challenges in Multi-objective Optimization for Automatic Wireless Network Planning

Language Models Perform Reasoning via Chain of Thought

Unlocking Zero-Resource Machine Translation to Support New Languages in Google Translate

Learning Locomotion Skills Safely in the Real World

GraphWorld: Advances in Graph Benchmarking

Alpa: Automated Model-Parallel Deep Learning

Extracting Skill-Centric State Abstractions from Value Functions