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The latest research from Google

DynIBaR: Space-time view synthesis from videos of dynamic scenes

A mobile phone’s camera is a powerful tool for capturing everyday moments. However, capturing a dynamic scene using a single camera is fundamentally limited. For instance, if we wanted to adjust the camera motion or timing of a recorded video (e.g., to freeze time while sweeping the camera around to highlight a dramatic moment), we would typically need an expensive Hollywood setup with a synchronized camera rig. Would it be possible to achieve similar effects solely from a video captured using a mobile phone’s camera, without a Hollywood budget?

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Distilling step-by-step: Outperforming larger language models with less training data and smaller model sizes

MediaPipe FaceStylizer: On-device real-time few-shot face stylization

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TSMixer: An all-MLP architecture for time series forecasting

WeatherBench 2: A benchmark for the next generation of data-driven weather models