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Evaluation of Speech for the Google Assistant

Tacotron 2: Generating Human-like Speech from Text

Introducing NIMA: Neural Image Assessment

Improving End-to-End Models For Speech Recognition

A Summary of the First Conference on Robot Learning

TFGAN: A Lightweight Library for Generative Adversarial Networks

Introducing Appsperiments: Exploring the Potentials of Mobile Photography

Introducing a New Foveation Pipeline for Virtual/Mixed Reality

DeepVariant: Highly Accurate Genomes With Deep Neural Networks

Google at NIPS 2017

Understanding Bias in Peer Review

Interpreting Deep Neural Networks with SVCCA

Understanding Medical Conversations

SLING: A Natural Language Frame Semantic Parser

On-Device Conversational Modeling with TensorFlow Lite

Fused Video Stabilization on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Seamless Google Street View Panoramas

Feature Visualization

Tangent: Source-to-Source Debuggable Derivatives

AutoML for large scale image classification and object detection

Latest Innovations in TensorFlow Serving

Eager Execution: An imperative, define-by-run interface to TensorFlow

Closing the Simulation-to-Reality Gap for Deep Robotic Learning

Announcing OpenFermion: The Open Source Chemistry Package for Quantum Computers

Announcing AVA: A Finely Labeled Video Dataset for Human Action Understanding

Portrait mode on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones

TensorFlow Lattice: Flexibility Empowered by Prior Knowledge

The Google Brain Team’s Approach to Research

Highlights from the Annual Google PhD Fellowship Summit, and Announcing the 2017 Google PhD Fellows

Build your own Machine Learning Visualizations with the new TensorBoard API

Seminal Ideas from 2007

Transformer: A Novel Neural Network Architecture for Language Understanding

Exploring and Visualizing an Open Global Dataset

Launching the Speech Commands Dataset

Google at KDD’17: Graph Mining and Beyond

Announcing the NYC Algorithms and Optimization Site

Making Visible Watermarks More Effective

Harness the Power of Machine Learning in Your Browser with Deeplearn.js

Google at ICML 2017

Google at ACL 2017

Expressions in Virtual Reality

So there I was, firing a megawatt plasma collider at work...

Teaching Robots to Understand Semantic Concepts

Google at CVPR 2017

An Update to Open Images - Now with Bounding-Boxes

Motion Stills — Now on Android

Facets: An Open Source Visualization Tool for Machine Learning Training Data

Using Deep Learning to Create Professional-Level Photographs

Building Your Own Neural Machine Translation System in TensorFlow

Revisiting the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data

The Google Brain Residency Program — One Year Later

MultiModel: Multi-Task Machine Learning Across Domains

Accelerating Deep Learning Research with the Tensor2Tensor Library

Supercharge your Computer Vision models with the TensorFlow Object Detection API

MobileNets: Open-Source Models for Efficient On-Device Vision

The Machine Intelligence Behind Gboard

Introducing the TensorFlow Research Cloud

Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture

Efficient Smart Reply, now for Gmail

Coarse Discourse: A Dataset for Understanding Online Discussions

Neural Network-Generated Illustrations in Allo

Updating Google Maps with Deep Learning and Street View

Experimental Nighttime Photography with Nexus and Pixel

Research at Google and ICLR 2017

PhotoScan: Taking Glare-Free Pictures of Pictures

Teaching Machines to Draw

Introducing tf-seq2seq: An Open Source Sequence-to-Sequence Framework in TensorFlow

Announcing the 2017 Google PhD Fellows for North America, Europe and the Middle East

Predicting Properties of Molecules with Machine Learning

Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data

Keeping fake listings off Google Maps

And the award goes to...

Consistent Hashing with Bounded Loads

Announcing AudioSet: A Dataset for Audio Event Research

Adding Sound Effect Information to YouTube Captions

Distill: Supporting Clarity in Machine Learning

Announcing Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder

An Upgrade to SyntaxNet, New Models and a Parsing Competition

Quick Access in Drive: Using Machine Learning to Save You Time

Assisting Pathologists in Detecting Cancer with Deep Learning

Google Research Awards 2016

Preprocessing for Machine Learning with tf.Transform

Headset “Removal” for Virtual and Mixed Reality

The CS Capacity Program - New Tools and SIGCSE 2017

An updated YouTube-8M, a video understanding challenge, and a CVPR workshop. Oh my!

Announcing TensorFlow 1.0

On-Device Machine Intelligence

Announcing TensorFlow Fold: Deep Learning With Dynamic Computation Graphs

Advancing Research on Video Understanding with the YouTube-BoundingBoxes Dataset

Using Machine Learning to Predict Parking Difficulty

App Discovery with Google Play, Part 3: Machine Learning to Fight Spam and Abuse at Scale

Facilitating the discovery of public datasets

A Large Corpus for Supervised Word-Sense Disambiguation

The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2016

Google Brain Residency Program - 7 months in and looking ahead