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Little Box Challenge Academic Awards

Call for Research Proposals to participate in the Open Web of Things Expedition

Learning Digital Skills online with Google Activate

MOOC Research and Innovation

High Quality Object Detection at Scale

What we can learn about effective, meaningful and diverse organizations

Automatically making sense of data

Advances in Variational Inference: Working Towards Large-scale Probabilistic Machine Learning at NIPS 2014

A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images

The World Parks Congress: Using technology to protect our natural environment

Googler Shumin Zhai awarded with the ACM UIST Lasting Impact Award

Google Flu Trends gets a brand new engine

Learning Statistics with Privacy, aided by the Flip of a Coin

HDR+: Low Light and High Dynamic Range photography in the Google Camera App

Helping teachers teach computer science

Smart Autofill - Harnessing the Predictive Power of Machine Learning in Google Sheets

All the News that's Fit to Read: A Study of Social Annotations for News Reading

Announcing the Google CS Engagement Small Awards Program

Sudoku, Linear Optimization, and the Ten Cent Diet

Collaborative Mathematics with SageMathCloud and Google Cloud Platform

Introducing Structured Snippets, now a part of Google Web Search

Sign in to with Google (and Facebook, and...)

Course Builder now supports the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Specification

Building a deeper understanding of images

Working Together to Support Computer Science Education

Hardware Initiative at Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Teaching machines to read between the lines (and a new corpus with entity salience annotations)

Google Research Awards: Summer 2014

Summer Games: Learn to Program

Doing Data Science with coLaboratory

Facilitating Genomics Research with Google Cloud Platform

Focus Areas for Policy & Standards Research Proposals

Academics and the Little Box Challenge

Simple is better - Making your web forms easy to use pays off

Influential Papers for 2013

2014 Google PhD Fellowships: Supporting the Future of Computer Science

A skill-based approach to creating open online courses

A Billion Words: Because today's language modeling standard should be higher

Lens Blur in the new Google Camera app

Sawasdeee ka Voice Search

Making Blockly Universally Accessible

Celebrating the First Set of Google Geo Education Awardees and Announcing Round Two

Making Sense of MOOC Data

Berkeley Earth Maps Powered by Google Maps Engine now available in the Google Maps Gallery

Computer Science Education Recharged!

Google joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

Making Sense of Data with Google

Monitoring the World's Forests with Global Forest Watch

Google Award Program stimulates Journalism and CS collaboration

Google Research Awards: Winter 2014

Explore the history of Pop -- and Punk, Jazz, and Folk -- with the Music Timeline

Piloting after school clubs to ignite interest in Computer Science