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Conference Report: Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE) 2012

Using online courses in Spain to teach entrepreneurship

Millions of Core-Hours Awarded to Science

Continuing the quest for future computer scientists with CS4HS

Large Scale Language Modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition

Ngram Viewer 2.0

ReFr: A New Open-Source Framework for Building Reranking Models

EMEA Faculty Summit 2012

Running Continuous Geo Experiments to Assess Ad Effectiveness

Power Searching with Google is back

Helping the World to Teach

Users love simple and familiar designs – Why websites need to make a great first impression

Google at UAI 2012

Better table search through Machine Learning and Knowledge

Machine Learning Book for Students and Researchers

Faculty Summit 2012: Online Education Panel

Improving Google Patents with European Patent Office patents and the Prior Art Finder

Teaching the World to Search

Speech Recognition and Deep Learning

Reflections on Digital Interactions: Thoughts from the 2012 NA Faculty Summit

Natural Language in Voice Search

New Challenges in Computer Science Research

Education in the Cloud

Big Pictures with Big Messages

Site Reliability Engineers: “solving the most interesting problems”

Google at SIGMOD/PODS 2012

Reflections on the Google Faculty Institute

Google Research Awards: Summer, 2012

Our Unique Approach to Research

Introducing new Fusion Tables API

Become a Google Power Searcher

Third Market Algorithms and Optimization Workshop at Google NYC

Recap of NAACL-12 including two Best Paper awards for Googlers

2012 Google PhD Fellowships

Hello science—meet HR

Research at Google on G+: Featuring Excellent Papers for 2011

From Words to Concepts and Back: Dictionaries for Linking Text, Entities and Ideas

Smart Pricing may increase average publisher revenue

Is beautiful usable? What is the influence of beauty and usability on reactions to a product?

Google, the World Wide Web and WWW conference: years of progress, prosperity and innovation

Video Stabilization on YouTube

An Experiment in Music and Crowd-Sourcing

From Open Research to Open Flow

Joining forces to support computer science majors

Working with your Data: Easier and More Fun

Google App Engine Research Awards for scientific discovery

Impact of Organic Ranking on Ad Click Incrementality

Excellent Papers for 2011

Google at INFOCOM 2012

Gamification for Improved Search Ranking for YouTube Topics

Search Ads Pause Studies Update

Keeping an “OER mind” about shared resources for education

Announcing Google-hosted workshop videos from NIPS 2011

2011 EMEA Android Educational Outreach Program Awards Mobile Phones to Universities

Quantifying comedy on YouTube: why the number of o’s in your LOL matter

Data and code open sourced from Google's Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal project

Open-sourcing Sky Map and collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University

CDC Birth Vital Statistics in BigQuery

Google Correlate expands to 49 additional countries