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Using Machine Learning to Detect Deficient Coverage in Colonoscopy Screenings

Scaling Up Fundamental Quantum Chemistry Simulations on Quantum Hardware

Axial-DeepLab: Long-Range Modeling in All Layers for Panoptic Segmentation

An Analysis of Online Datasets Using Dataset Search (Published, in Part, as a Dataset)

Google at ECCV 2020

Understanding View Selection for Contrastive Learning

Tackling Open Challenges in Offline Reinforcement Learning

Understanding Deep Learning on Controlled Noisy Labels

Language-Agnostic BERT Sentence Embedding

On-device, Real-time Body Pose Tracking with MediaPipe BlazePose

REALM: Integrating Retrieval into Language Representation Models

A Simulation Suite for Tackling Applied Reinforcement Learning Challenges

On-device Supermarket Product Recognition

MediaPipe Iris: Real-time Iris Tracking & Depth Estimation

Live HDR+ and Dual Exposure Controls on Pixel 4 and 4a