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Academic Successes in Cluster Computing

Measuring Ad Effectiveness Using Geo Experiments

ACM Fellows for 2011

Our second round of Google Research Awards for 2011

2011 Google China Faculty Summit in Hangzhou

More Google Cluster Data

Discovering Talented Musicians with Acoustic Analysis

Fresh Perspectives about People and the Web from Think Quarterly

Trying on the new Dynamic Views from Blogger

Sorting Petabytes with MapReduce - The Next Episode

Google at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Miami

A new MIT center for mobile learning, with support from Google

Our Faculty Institute brings faculty back to the drawing board

Culturomics, Ngrams and new power tools for Science

President's Council Recommends Open Data for Federal Agencies

Studies Show Search Ads Drive 89% Incremental Traffic

Faculty from across the Americas meet in New York for the Faculty Summit

Google Americas Faculty Summit: Reflections from our attendees

Google Americas Faculty Summit Day 2: Shopping, Coupons and Data

Google Americas Faculty Summit Day 1: Cluster Management

Google Americas Faculty Summit Day 1: Mobile Search

What You Capture Is What You Get: A New Way for Task Migration Across Devices

Languages of the World (Wide Web)

Google Translate welcomes you to the Indic web

Auto-Directed Video Stabilization with Robust L1 Optimal Camera Paths

Google at CVPR 2011

Our first round of Google Research Awards for 2011

Instant Mix for Music Beta by Google

After the award: students and mentors

Google Scribe: Now with automatic text for links and faster formatting options

Google at ACL 2011

Make beautiful interactive maps even faster with new additions to the Fusion Tables API

Google at CHI 2011

Partnering with Tsinghua University to support education in Western China

1 billion core-hours of computational capacity for researchers

Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure: More, Better, Faster Experimentation

Ig-pay Atin-lay Oice-vay Earch-say

Word of Mouth: Introducing Voice Search for Indonesian, Malaysian and Latin American Spanish

Reading tea leaves in the tourism industry: A Case Study in the Gulf Oil Spill

Games, auctions and beyond

Large Scale Image Annotation: Learning to Rank with Joint Word-Image Embeddings

Building resources to syntactically parse the web

Slicing and dicing data for interactive visualization

Where does my data live?

A Runtime Solution for Online Contention Detection and Response

Congratulations to Ken Thompson

Query Language Modeling for Voice Search

Julia meets HTML 5

Google at NIPS 2010

More Google Contributions to the Broader Scientific Community

Supporting computer science education with CS4HS